I need, I want more cookbooks!

Went to the bookstore today and perused the cookbook section. My collection is severly lacking. Possibly because I’ve moved around so much and have whittled it down to almost nothing. Second is that I rely heavily on checking allrecipes.com and the Food section in the paper. The paper source is easy to explain since I work there and have to look at the recipes anyway as I design the section. The recipes that catch my eye, are the ones I usually try. As for allrecipes.com, I enjoy reading the user comments for the recipes (includes stars ranks from zero to no star) and if there enough bad comments, I stay away from it. Ah… the internet!

But I would really like to have some books on hand and don’t know where to start. Should I get a basic cookbook, like the Joy of Cooking? I could really use a cook book with all asian cuisines (I still don’t know how to make pancit to the shame of my mom). Maybe a baking book too? In addition, many of the books are too pretty to accidentally spill batter on so I should possibily invest in a cookbook stand as well?? I’m overwhelmed!!

Some books I’m interested in are: The Gourmet Cookbook, The Complete Asian Cookbook, The Best New Recipe and How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

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  1. Nice blog! I just bought The Joy of Cooking. The problem is that it's so big and thick that I can't prop it open in the kitchen.I want the Best Recipe book. I also want to try some funky dessert book.

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