…and a jar of your finest grape jelly

TheSmokingGun.com has posted a list of Ashlee Simpon’s backstage requirements. They include Oreos, canned tuna and a jar of your finest grape jelly… which would be… Smuckers?!?! Being someone who hates grape jelly (make mine strawberry), I had to wonder what she meant. I, by no means, know what fine grape jelly constitutes. But I do have to wonder if it helps with her acid reflux or whatever she has that means having a recorded vocal track play when she’s singing supposedly live.

2 thoughts on “…and a jar of your finest grape jelly

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  1. I hate grape jelly. Gross! Maybe that's a code phrase for some other substance… I prefer apple jelly.

  2. I'm glad you have the same feeling about grape jelly but I've never had or seen apple jelly. I wonder if it's the same thing as apple butter…

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