How many do you have?


Between me (bottom shelf) and my roomate (top shelf), a total of 14 products consisting of shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, exfoliators and bath soaps. This doesn’t include our shavers: she’s a Venus person while I’m a disposable Gilette girl. It’s an endless of array of choices. But there is order in this madness and all products are used throughout the week. Example: Neutrogena No-Residue shampoo used on Sunday followed by a 3 minute deep conditioner accompanied by vanilla citrus body exfoliator. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are Nutrivive shampoo and conditioner with Dove body wash. All other days are Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner. Just a small insight into how a woman’s mind works.

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