Weekend wedding

At the risk of seeming like I’m taking the easy way out, I’m posting photos of food from a weekend wedding I attended in Laguna Nigel. Just haven’t been cooking much and the food at this wedding was just so pretty. Highlight of the evening was crashing an Iranian reception across the hall that was playing festive Persian music.

The happy couple: Mr and Mrs. Alison saying their nuptials.

Wedding food 1
Some sort of salmon appetizer.

Wedding food 2
A lobster tart. My favorite throughout the evening.

Wedding Food 3
The first course: a terrine of scottish smoked salmon and goat cheese with microcress, fingerling potatoes and lemon herb vinaigrette.

Wedding Food 4
A passion fruit sorbet. This was actually the third course which followed a carrot ginger soup and tofu emulsion which was okay but not very pretty to look at. The sorbet was refreshing.

Wedding Food 5
The fruit sorbet set the way for the main entree: a filet medallion with peppercorn currant sauce. Not a meat person? It was plated alongside a sea bass filet with a semolina crust and a side of wild mushroom sage risotto.

Wedding desserts
Not the wedding cake (which was a white fondant icing covering a chocolate cake) but assorted desserts.

Me giddy because I’m at the Iranian reception dancing to the live Persian music.

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