There’s something to be said for living near Hillcrest

Pride week in Hillcrest has come to a close. I knew it was officially the start of Pride weekend when I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of “Freedom” by Wham played by a passing car. I didn’t participate in any activities such as the Gay Pride Parade or attend the Bow Wow Wow concert Sunday night. But the weekend did offer some unusual sights in past years such as a woman walking down my street towards the center of festivities in nothing but white jeans, pasties and a bandana on her head.

I’ve never felt uneasy walking around Hillcrest by myself even at night especially this weekend knowing I was in the minority of straight women that live in the neighborhood. Aside from the local color, I’ve always been intrigued by the artfully painted utility boxes. Some of varying degree of artist effort but adds a nice touch to the neighborhood.

Back side of utility box
One of my favorites. It’s located on the main drag on University Avenue.

Hillcrest utility box
The backside of the same utility box. In the niche is a starfish with this: “You have found the magic starfish. Good luck to you today.”

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