Breakfast at work

Getting to work by 7:30 a.m. wasn’t so bad considering it’s my second to last day before vacation. Actually I’m getting used to waking up at least 5:30 one day a week so I can play catch up at work before my editor comes and sees that pile of work I should have done the previous day. The upside of coming in early is leaving early. The downside is eating breakfast at work.

I don’t have the type of appetite where I can chow down food at any old hour. I have a routine: brew coffee, turn on television, get disgusted at news, turn off television, pour coffee, turn on computer, check email, feed pets, water plants, eat banana, respond to email, eat cereal, shower, get dressed and rush off to work. Yup. That is a rundown of my morning in the span of two hours.

I need two hours between waking up and leaving for work to do ‘the routine.’ But my stomach isn’t made to eat breakfast before 7. So the few days I actually have to get into work before 10 are the days I have to get breakfast at work.

It’s not a pretty sight trudging up to the cafeteria at 8. There’s a cranky old man up there that I’m positive manhandles the food but I manage to push that out of my mind long enough to eat some soggy eggs.

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