Officially unemployed

Today is officially my first day of being unemployed. Maybe it doesn’t count since I have to start work at my new job in three weeks but its surreal to not have to be anywhere at any specific time.

Tomorrow starts a series of lunches and get together with friends before I head off to Los Angeles. I’ve also scheduled haircuts, eye appointments before my expected departure. Since my healthcare doesn’t kick in until my 91st day of employment at my new job, I plan to buy stock up contact lenses and see a dentist before my health insurance expires at the end of this month. I still don’t have a place to call home but I’m planning to take a day trip to see some apartments.

My roommate bought me a Thomas Guide yesterday of Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. I’ve been studying it but I don’t think anything will prepare me for the traffic.

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  1. Last week in Santa Monica I saw a dude with a sign that read, "Entire family killed by ninjas, need money for karate lessons."

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