My new manager and why I’ll be bringing her some cookies

Behold, the spritz cookie
A plate of delicious lemon spritz cookies for my new manager.

Tomorrow I’m moving to my new apartment in North Hollywood. I won’t go into detail how I’m moving into my third residence this year or how much I hate packing. I have no idea how I accumulated so much stuff. I’m finding I can fill boxes upon boxes with books, collectibles and clothes. It’s a far cry from how I wanted to be able to fit all my possessions into two large cardboard boxes a few years back.

I had signed the lease on my new place without meeting the new manager until this past Tuesday when I picked up the keys. I don’t know if she’s normally like this or trying to impress a girl from San Diego but she dropped names. First was that her friend, Jenny Garth lived in the building before her earnings on 90210 allowed her to buy a house. Also that she herself is an actress and starred in a long forgotten horror movie. And her deceased husband was considered one of the best drummers in the world.

I didn’t really put much thought into it until yesterday when I had some time on my hands to do some internet research. I was surprised to see that everything she said was true. Further, she’s the one person away from meeting my childhood crush, John Taylor of Duran Duran based solely on the fact that her husband was the drummer for Power Station.

So that’s why I’ll be making some Christmas cookies for my manager and her two children this year. I’m thinking some wonderful lemon spritz cookies will eventually bring John Taylor to my door.

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