Tested and tried new kitchen gadgets

In the course of a week, I bought two kitchen gadgets I’ve been wanting to get for a few months. I finally had some money and time to seek them out.

The first of the gadgets I got was an stovetop Italian cappuccino maker by Bialatti called the Mukka Express.

I only drink coffee once a day and thought it should be special besides the regular coffee drip type I’ve been using since college. The device seemed easy enough to use: fill the bottom portion with water and ground expresso and the top part held the milk. I read the directions twice and measured everything but it the water and coffee level still boiled over making a mess on my stovetop. I tried again, rereading the directions and it still boiled over. It was the most frustrating experience I ever had and if not for the $80 price tag, I would have flung the pot out my window. I wanted to like it, I really did but it was a huge letdown. Returning it to Crate and Barrel was a breeze despite the fact it was used.

A few days later a trip to Santa Monica yielded a discovery of Sur la Table. I’ve visited the Web site and longed to go there for so long and when the opportunity presented itself for me to visit the actual location, I jumped at the chance. With the disappointed of the Mukka Express, I needed something to pick up a new gadget. I could have easily spent a fortune here but I narrowed my purchases to two items: a heat proof/stain proof silicone spatula and a castiron stovetop grill.

The spatula is multipurpose but will be mainly used to stir my morning oatmeal as for the stovetop grill, it was an idea I had been entertaining to heighten my meat grilling experience.

The grill is by Lodge Logic. I’ve always been scared by cast iron. It’s heavy and unwielding with the potential to break anything. The fact that there is no safe spot to touch it once it’s been heated and the seasoning process. Well those reasons also make it a great purchase. It will last a lifetime and the ability to retain heat makes it an good choice for grilling. And the grill has already been seasoned and thus makes it nonstick with continued use of shortening prior to cooking.

It’s large enough to fit on two burners with a smooth side and the flip side with raised grills. I’ve only made excellent panni sandwiches so far but soon will venture to meats.

2 thoughts on “Tested and tried new kitchen gadgets

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  1. hey! this was on our trip there! too funny! you should have shared this blog with me ages ago…i love reading about your culinary adventures!when will i see you again?hey! that's a song!!! LOL…hugs…me…

  2. Yes, it was our trip there! I had so much fun then.You'll see me soon again and we need to try out a few places in San DiegoQ

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