A temporary fascination

During my work hours on Saturday night, I usually find myself with three hours downtime before going home. Those three hours can either be spent reading or browsing the internet. It’s usually the later.

There’s usually a pattern I go through when browsing. Usually involves visiting cuteoverload.com, followed by looking at pictures of baby lizards, and then several food blogs.

One of those food blogs this past Saturday led me to photos of the insides of people’s refrigerator on flickr. It was facinating. Much like looking inside of a medicine cabinet, the refrigerator told me a lot about a person’s eating habits: whether they drank a lot of beer, ordered take out or even ate fruit. It’s a wonderful timewaster for a Saturday evening stuck at one’s desk. Photos can be seen here.

Inisde of my refrigerator
My refrigerator in all it’s glory.

2 thoughts on “A temporary fascination

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  1. I got sucked into the "Laptop Lunch" pages on flickr.com and somehow lost an hour and a half of my life looking at people's sandwiches.

  2. Darn you Eyduck! I too found myself drawn to the "laptop lunch" pages. What is it about looking at other people's foods that is alluring? More importantly, where can I find those cool little lunch bento box like thingies???

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