My food quests in Los Angeles

One thing I love about living in Los Angeles is the diversity of the food. I’m still on the quest for a great Korean place, spring rolls, pho and of course, BBQ. I have a few cupcake places nailed (something they never had in San Diego) and I still need to try a few more hotdog joints before I find a favorite. Yet I’m still trying to find a place that sells a decent bento box that I can toss into my lunch bag and head off to work with.

I think it would be unrealistic of me to find anything similiar to the one I had in Japan but I can’t help but hope.

A bento box bought on in a train station on the way to Kyoto.

What does an ideal bento box include? Chicken, rice (of course), ginger, tamago, and a bit of potato salad but it doesn’t have to be placed in an elaborate box.

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