More cupcake madness

Yummy Cupcakes' vanilla with sprinkles

Is it so wrong to want to find the best cupcake in Los Angeles? I work out and watch what I eat for most of the week but cupcakes are special. They’re a celebration. Cake for one. Sometimes with sprinkes.

Yummy Cupcakes' storefront

In Burbank, about five blocks from Porto’s Bakery and Cafe, is Yummy Cupcakes. The storefront is cute with striped pink awnings and pink curtains. But inside holds delicious, delectable cupcakes.

Yummy Cupcakes' Fudge Yummy

This past weekend when I was there, I counted at least six varieties of cupcakes. Daily flavors include red velvet, vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/vanilla, brown sugar cinnamon and fudge yummy. But two special cupcakes are made daily. A monthly menu is available online. That day, I came in specifically for the sport cupcake and old school.

Yummy Cupcakes' purchase

Old school is created to resemble Hostess cupcakes. Basically a dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache on top, whipped cream in the center and the infamous squiggle on top. The sport cupcake is a vanilla cupcake with green icing on top made to resemble grass and a dollop of white frosting to indicate a golf ball. Taste? Old school was chocolately but not overly sweet. A plus. The sport cupcake is a basic vanilla cupcake. The presentation was nice but it seemed almost too dry for me. No red velvet cupcakes were available for purchase but based on past tastings, nothing compares to Auntie Em’s.

Yummy Cupcakes is convenient for anyone living in the San Fernando Valley rather than treking down to Eagle Rock to get something from Auntie Em’s. Prices are reasonable ($2-$3) and it’s always nice to know there’s a place nearby when the cupcake craving hits.

4 thoughts on “More cupcake madness

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  1. Thanks!They were equally as delicious. My favorite is the chocolate one. There are a few other cupcake places I need to check out in L.A. Ohhh…. such difficult work…!

  2. yum! i always feel so guilty eating cake but cupcakes! really? didn't find any good ones in San Diego? hhhmmm, am going to have to do my own investigating! LOLhugs…

  3. Trinity-That is your mission. To find a cupcake place, and I stress that they only sell cupcakes, in San Diego. When you do, I'll take you out and get one next time I'm in town!

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