Investigative eating: what is in the chocolate?

Nuthugger with chocolates

Darn you See’s Candy for not including some kind of key to what filling is in each piece of chocolate! When opening the two lb. heart shaped box filled with chocolately goodness, I can’t tell which is what flavor. Sure there is the obvious nut cluster: peanuts enrobed in either milk or dark chocolate. But what about the rest? Must I bite into every single unknown piece?

Take for instance the circle domed-shape piece of milk chocolate. My instinct tells me it’s a cordial cherry piece. But a bite proves it is praline-filled instead!

And the pretty dark piece with the white lacy design isn’t marshallow but lemon cream!

So darn you See’s Chocolate! Follow the lead of Godiva and place some kind of key to which piece is which. A girl can only eat so many chocolates in one sitting.

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  1. I don't think I can make a decision on which chocolate is best until I try a side by side comparision. A challenge I'm willing to take!

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