“Eat a hearty breakfast, for tonight we dine in HELL!”

– Leonidas from “300”


Actually dinner was at IKEA and not hell but something like it. Especially on the weekends.

I’ve been in a super thrifty mood lately with an impeding trip and what else is cheaper than a meal at IKEA?


I’m not going to bore you with a description of the meal despite the only color on my plate being the lingonberry sauce. The lingonberry which mingled with the gravy. (Unappetizing!) Or the stone cold dinner rolls. But it was cheap, filled me up and gave the cafeteria guy behind the counter something else to do. Regret only came a few hours later in the form of a stomach ache.


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  1. There is a microwave in the beverage area; you can always heat up the stone cold dinner roll and put butter on it. The food here is not bad, its just more…um.. Scandanavian in nature(The Mister was born in Helsinki). They don't use many spices in the cold north; cardamom is wild and crazy… its cold/dark/frozen most of the year and they can't grow much but root vegetables…they smoke fish and meat so it is preserved for the winter and they will have something to eat if snowed/frozen in…also those dried crispbreads are made so that they will last all Winter (you usually soak them in a broth when you are going to use them as 'bread' for an open faced sandwich- they don't have to be eaten like a cracker). I have several Finnish cookbooks and I swear they look like its all black and white photography at first, but it isn't. Sorry you had a belly ache. I kind of crave the meatballs, since they aren't made with any filler and are all meat.

  2. Hi Cathy,I'll have to remember the microwave when I go there next time.I too crave the meatballs when I want something hearty. I think my system is not used to gravy although I do like gravy on my loco moco.It does make sense that Scandanavian food tends to be based around root vegetables and what you can store over the winter. Thanks for the information!

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