A trip back east Pt. I: Cleveland

Cleveland skyline

The main reason for visiting Cleveland was not for the sights but to visit my brother, Warren. A California native with a prior sentence at Detroit’s Wayne State for several years before his current residence at Ohio’s CASE Western doing researchy stuff. Warren previously described Cleveland to me as garden within a city. Well, there were plenty of trees around but even with the temperature being in the low 70s and sunshine, it was still gray but hundred times pleasant than grungy Detroit.

Ramones' guitar

Among the most famous things that Cleveland is known for is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Sitting on the shore of Lake Erie, the building is a beautiful monument with an exterior almost all glass. The entrance fee was a bit steep at $20 per a person and not being a fan of mainstreet music, the farthest ventured into the building was the gift shop and a few displays in the entrance and bathroom areas.

West Side Market

Foodwise, the most well known and popular place for the gathering of fresh produce and products is Cleveland’s West Side Market. I was surprised to see avocados readily available as well as watermelon along side tomatoes. Much searching was done but no food item could really be called the food of Ohio. But one thing not seen elsewhere was fresh bison meat.

Bison meat at Cleveland West Side Market

When not playing videogames with my brother (I covet his Nintendo WII), an original frozen custard stand was by his apartment in Shaker Heights. Basic flavors were available including cookie and candybar mix ins. One flavor that I had to try and was surprisingly tasty was the chocolate covered french fries.

East Coast Frozen Custard menu

A vanilla based custard studded with chocolate covered matchstick potatoes. It was lunch and dessert at the same time. How could I not like it?

East Coast frozen custard

One restaurant that Warren wanted to take me on my first night in was Tommy’s Coventry near the university area. Besides the fresh, healthy wholesome menu which include vegetarian items was something on the menu he thought I would find funny: a sandwich called the Rachael Ray. I indeed found it funny considering it included ham.

The special at Tommy's

Up next: a day trip to Toronto.

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  1. A good friend of mine is from Cleveland. When we went to his wedding we made dinner for the whole family after shopping at the West Side Market – Seared Maguro, Kalbi, Chinese Chicken Salad….typical Cleveland fare, right??? ;o) I loved shopping there!

  2. Hi Kirk–Yes, West Side Market was fantastic and broke all preconceptions about not being able to find certain foods there. Kind of made me smuggling avocados on the plane moot since they I found them in the market!

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