Things to do with leftover Easter Candy

Stop the gorging of the Easter candy! This contest from the Washington Post gave readers permission to play with their Easter goodies and had a Peep diorama contest. Dioramas ranged from scenes from ‘Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend’ (below) to ‘Soylent Green.’


Selected entries can be seen here. Via USA Today.

And you didn’t have time to create an Easter turducken too?

5 thoughts on “Things to do with leftover Easter Candy

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  1. that's is trippy! oui! did i say trippy? what year is this??? hope all is well my dear! hope to see ya soon! hugs…

  2. Hey Darlene,I just got your posted comment. Wow, your blog and archive are impressive. Now I have something to aspire to. I am having a really hard time looking at all the food pictures. It's 6am and I'm starving. It's a really good thing there's no Krispy Kreme in my neighborhood. Could I get that with a side of gravy?Thanks for your comment. I'll be back to nab some of your recipes. Those grilled pizzas look really good.C

  3. Hey Cory,Yeah, I couldn't leave a comment on your blog without signing on so now you know my secret. I'm somewhat of a foodie.The photos can be evil especially on a slow system. I've gotten emails that my blog isn't very dial up friendly. Why in the world is anyone still on dial up anyways???

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