Commuting consumables

Amtrak menu

Fact: I live in one county and work in another here in Southern California. The approxiate distance between my doorstep and the parking garage in Irvine is 88 miles. I could choose to drive but I take the train. I won’t go into how some days are worse than others, while other days it doesn’t bother me at all when I have a good book. Or discuss how much money I’m putting away by not living in Irvine or how some passengers don’t know common etiquette while on board a train. But I will discuss food options available.

Most days I usually pack myself a small breakfast and midmorning snack. Sometimes even lunch. Another option is eating on the train. Amtrak is the only line in the Southern California region that offers food onboard. Not Metrolink or the Coaster. The choices are unimpressive: chips, pizza, soda, coffee. I’ve seen people as early as 8 a.m. pass me with a hot cup of Ramen noodles in their hand. For the breakfast inspired, cereals are available as well as hot choices like several breakfast type sandwiches.


Hot sandwiches are misleading. If your immediate thought is that someone is behind the counter creating a specially made sandwich for you — wrong. One rushed morning, I bought a ham, egg and cheese muffin sandwich from the cafe. The person behind the counter simply popped into the microwave for several seconds to warm the package until steamy.

Amtrak view

End result: a soggy sandwich. While the cheese was melty, every bite was a chewy mess. I’m gonna stick to my home packed banana and toast and enjoy the view.

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  1. Oh my, that is some commute. I mean I like taking the train into LA once in a while, but doing it everyday?

  2. Hi Kirk –Every month, I ask myself why I am doing this. I love San Diego and grew up here. I also love my job since it's flexible and I don't put in 8 hours every day. It's actually less. But I do feel like my quality of life has somewhat declined. Less time to see people and do things I love. On the upshot, I read more than I have lately. And I love reading.It might also be a surprise to you because it was to me when I found out but a lot of people do this very commute. I recognize people on the train that get on when I do and have the same stop. I want to ask them their reasons and maybe even confirm my own.

  3. oh and what a view it is! keep looking at the positive my dear! reading, seeing your honey everyday, a job you love while still living in the city you love… and speaking of commutes…my sister works with someone who works in the Gaslamp and LIVES IN TEMECULA! Now that is absolutely nuts! Driving the I-15 during rush hour 5 days a week… that's dedication!looking forward to the weekend!xo

  4. Photogirl–Yikes!! Temecula to Gaslamp everyday?? That's dedication. I feel like that at the very least I have a moment of zen to and from work every day.Andy–To make the commute 50% better are faster trains, a larger time table and a quiet zone for passengers that want to "share" their music. But I do love my books…

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