A lot of UT hits

It’s hard to avoid noticing that someone, specifically a few former coworkers from the San Diego Union-Tribune, has taken an interested in my blog (and all its typos). According to Sitemeter, someone has been Googling my name.

Hey mystery someone, drop a line or leave a comment so we can talk about what’s going on in the daily newspaper biz and the sinking numbers. Aren’t you glad you’re in daily newspapers?


14 thoughts on “A lot of UT hits

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  1. Remember in the '70s movies when stalkers lived in the walls of houses people moved into? Well, now we just read blogs. Life is easy. Thanks, Technology,…you're the best. I read this blog, but I don't reckon I am a stalker. But can I fill out an application in case this news business gig don't work out? The strange thing is I just looked and the entire room is on your blog. (Cut to picture of D.A. screaming as Fred's face flashes on the screen.) king S.

  2. Hey Steve,So I googled your name and here's what I came up with:-As a staff writer at North Jersey-Another staff writer at The Record (possibly the same person??)-And some music producerAre you the same person that googled me at 8:50 in the morning a week ago??

  3. HI! NO, I did not google your name. I will now, though. We do not do 8:50 a.m. Usually, at 8:50 I exchange pleasantries with The Coconut before showering, without The Coconut. I didnt realize you could check that someone was googling your name, but it makes sense now that you mention it. That is kind of weird –someone googling you at 850 — I say that is STALKING. You can't tell where the name was googled from though. All those other guys listed under me are the East Coast Clones. We are taking over the country. 666,000 —333,000 from each side of the country will unify during national cynicism week in 2013 at Branson and assume control of the world.

  4. Steve –When you shower, without The Coconut, is your soap coconut scented? Do all the other clones has a Coconut?BTW: This dog can't possibly be your Coconut although this person claims it is the world's cutest dog.

  5. And yes, I can tell where they are Googling from. That person Googled my name from the UT already three times this week.

  6. LOL it isnt coconut scented but Coconut scented so I smell like a dog when i get to work. Seriously, three times. I would move from joking to somewhat concerned. That is downright creepy. And three time is not just creepy but creepy obsessive.

  7. I am guilty of occassionally popping on from work when I'm waiting for stories to move to Design. :^) Usually, as I'm sure you can tell… wink, wink… I log in from home. OK, so you HAVE GOT to come over and see all my new furniture! New accent chair, new bookcase and new dining room chairs. Great prices!!! I got a pair of leather dining chairs normally boutique priced at $1369, yes, you read that right! And I got them at a consignment store for $99.50 because one of them was damaged. Big deal. That's what the wall side is for! LOLYou and Cool Jerk need to come over soon for dinner and a movie. How are your next few weekends?HUGS…

  8. Photogirl—Yeah, I am being a bit paranoid. I want to tell whoever is Googling my name from to please bookmark. The fact that they can even remember how to spell my last name is miracle.I'll contact you about dinner soon!

  9. i have been visiting ewe from the ewe-tea too! i don't even want to know how peeps might end up on my blog!

  10. Hey!I am NOT stalking you, but I have in the past googled your name to get to your blog. Yes, I understand that today's technology provides easier and more effective methods … but I am just so lazy.btw, I think Steve doth protest too much about not showering with the Coconut. Let's just say I have my suspicions.-chris

  11. Hi Chris–I've been watching your keystrokes all morning. You googled 'my burning kitchen' and spent 14 minutes and 33 seconds on the site. I can see all…Does that explain why Steve and Coconut smell the same?

  12. It might explain why they both like to be scratched behind the ears.The larger question for me is, how have I missed out on potato balls my whole life?

  13. Hi again Chris–Next time I'm in Burbank, and it might be this upcoming long weekend, I'll be sure to stock up on cold potato balls before returning south. Maybe invite you and Steve over for some potato balls.

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