Goodbye, Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls anonymous

Ah, you were my favorite guilty pleasure every Tuesday night. I was hooked from the first episode. It was something about the speedy, wise-cracking dialogue interplayed with benign pop culture references. And of course, the otherworldly mother-daughter relationship.

For awhile, I even believed that Stars Hollow even existed. It did. In Burbank, California not Connecticut.

It’s a been a great few years but we must say goodbye. The last two years have been a struggle but I stayed on. Without Amy Sherman-Palladino, you faltered. How great the fall must have been too with the dropping numbers. The end result being not being renewed for another season with the CW. What will ever happen with Lorelai or Rory?

I’ll never forget visiting the set between takes last year and the following weeks after eagerly watching every show to determine which episode was being filmed. And I didn’t walk away empty-handed. Outside Luke’s Diner, a receipt was by my foot. I convinced myself it was trash and took it. So now, even though you are gone, I still have a bit of the show with me that I glance at every time I open the refrigerator door.

So goodbye and au revoir, Gilmore Girls!

Gnomes in Stars Hollow


Addendum: Just saw last night’s final series ender and I couldn’t have described it better than Marv Wolfman.

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  1. I didn't know a tour of set of Gilmore Girls was available. Do you think its still available with the series ending?

  2. A tour of Stars Hollow was part of the Warner Bros. studio tour in Burbank. Tours can vary depending on which set is available and what is filming. I was lucky enough that they allowed the tour group to take photos of the set between takes. Other sets visited were ER, Friends (prior to it moving to the Smithsonian), etc. More information about the Warner Bros. tour can be found here:

  3. First Gilmore Girls, now Veronica Mars…I think 7th Heaven is ending too. Sad. TV is getting sad…

  4. Anonymous–Yes! Long live Gilmore Girls. May Lorelai and Rory live forever in somewhere in tv heaven.Nanette–Yay! I have a blog sister!!Mrs. Wong–What is with CW dropping all the quality tv programming? Sad sad sad…

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