Froyo? Let’s go! (the real blog posting)

As a result of having too much time this week and a slow work load, I finally managed to blog about a few frozen yogurt places I’ve visited over the past few months.

It began last December when the very much hyped Pinkberry opened up in Studio City. For almost $4, you can get a small frozen yogurt, either plain or green tea flavored with one topping. Pricy but hey, it is Los Angeles. And for former convict Paris Hilton, $4 is a paltry sum for such indulgence and carrying the cup around with the cute pink and green is a status symbol.


Enter Irvine’s Yogurtland and the very closely named Yogurt World in San Diego. Both unlimited toppings, self serve and taunting the benefits of frozen yogurt. Who is the winner?

Enter the photo evidence:

yogurtbattle 1

The winner? Obviously for taste, Yogurt World wins hands down. Incredibly creamy and not a trace of iciness but some work can be made on the 14 rotating flavors (peanut butter is ghastly). Also very impressed with the wide selection of toppings although the toppings are a hit and miss at guessing which is what if you’re not familiar with Asian sweets (grass jelly, mochi, lychees). They could really use labels.

Yet in terms of overall style and 16 flavors, Yogurtland comes in a very close second. This is evidenced by the lines outside the door during the after dinner hours. These lines are mostly filled with sunburned teens and a few adults looking for something sweet but healthy. It helps that the place itself is pretty swanky reminescent of Pinkberry’s own stylishly designed interiors. I’m all about toppings and the cheesecake bites offered almost puts it ahead of it’s clone. Almost.

The price difference of 8 cents between Yogurtland and Yogurt World is barely noticeable. As for me, I’m glad there’s a choice in Southern California and no one blinks twice when you spoon extra gummy bears with condensed milk on top of your taro-flavored yogurt.

Yogurtland can be found at 144775 Jeffrey Ave. in Irvine and stores coming soon to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Northridge, Torrance and San Diego (!).
Yogurt World is located at 4646 Convoy St. in San Diego.

One word about the Yogurtland photos. I was politely asked not to take any photos of the interior. It was after I had already taken a few shots. It was then that I noticed the sign on the door regarding photography. Oops.

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  1. i wish i could see the photo!Frozen yogurt is one of the last remaining non-vegan items in my diet…Weird that you can't take pix. i was at the Dead Sea Scrolls today at the SD Natural History Museum (media preview) and they didn't say no photographs there!

  2. Hi Foodette,Yeah, the photo thing is strange. I claim that I did not see the sign until after I paid for my froyo. Innocent!Hi Kleopatra–Argh. I check my graphic and it loaded fine in Safari but double checked it in other browsers and it didn't load. So I broke it down and rewrote.But the original photos can be seen here but it might break any non-Macs.

  3. I love all those places you have over there. We don't have a frozen yoghurt place like that in Aus. Hopefully they will opening something soon, cause I love yoghurt!

  4. Hi Susan–Hopefully you'll be seeing frozen yogurt in Australia soon! I would be interested to see what the differences are.Hi Kleopatra–Yes, hopefully you can try some soon with this hot weather we've been getting lately.

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