It Came from Iowa…

In the age of instantaneous, electronic messages that arrives to either your computer or phone, it’s nice to receive something in the mail. Even more special that it’s a large package with this note inside:

Surprise waiting for me

Inside is a purse. But not any purse. A Seatbelt bag designed by Gary Baseman. I first spied the bag along two other bags at the San Diego Comic Con. Seatbelt bags already have a cult following but the ones displayed during that convention were part of a limited artist series. It was because of my adamant praise of it that I caught the attention of Erin, propriator of Alter Ego Comics in Iowa. Yup, she’s a woman and she owns a comic book store.

My new purse!

If I had to name the number of people I know personally in Iowa, it would be two. Those people, Erin and her hubby Jeremy aka Superfro, were met through MySpace. With their love of comics, food and pop culture, they became a sort of Internet penpal. Paul and I met them at SDCCI in July of 2006. And we saw them again and again during their frequent visits to our table this year. In talking with Erin, I discovered she was as enthralled with the Baseman bags as I was. To make a long story short, an order was place through her store and now I have this nifty bag.

But that wasn’t all that was included in the package. Inside the purse was a large bag of treats from the All Candy Expo held in Chicago this year which she was lucky enough to attend. Me? I’m just lucky that I know her. And she happens to have great taste in candy as seen by the marshmallow people with chocolate bars coming out of their heads. Oww… but quite tasty.

Thanks, Erin! Expect something in the mail from me because you made me a happy, HAPPY girl. Paul is a happy fella too with the little plastic toys found alongside the candy.

Now go read her blog. Or even better yet, visit her store.

Close up of the candy

6 thoughts on “It Came from Iowa…

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  1. It's a blog! All about me! Hooray for me! I'm pretty much famous! I'm singing a little song! And doing a little dance!I'm so fortunate to have met you and Paul, and thru the wonder of MySpace too, how crazy is that? Although, my brother-in-law met his fiance on MySpace, so maybe it *is* the place where magic happens?!?

  2. That is a very cute bag; you will look great carrying it! And what a nice addition of candy from that giant expo. I always read about candyblog's adventures there…and it's gotten me on the lookout for different candies.

  3. Hi Erin–Little did you know that Paul really isn't Paul, and Darlene isn't me!! 😉 Some scary stuff out there in The Internet, luckily I've managed to avoid all of them and meet you!Hi Nanette-I am now a HUGE fan of seatbelt bags too.Hi Mrs. Wong-It was because of you that I know about that candy blog! Remember all that free time we had at the UT?Hi JustJenn-And the candy was awesome. It was like Halloween but early!Hi Kleopatra-The internet is cool as well as Erin!

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