Aerosol pancake batter


Along the lines of aerosol cheese is Batter Blaster, an aerosol pancake/waffle batter. Not a joke.

Is this wave of the future? I thought it was the freeze dried crap that astronauts eat along with Tang powdered OJ. Or maybe I’m just old and not keeping up with the kids these days. Something just seems really wrong about applying aerosol batter to a heated pan. It spells distaster to me.

Buy yourself a can here.

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  1. Yes that sounds terribly dangerous and considering the fact that I can taste the aerosol chemicals in food, it sound terribly disgusting as well.

  2. i love that it's all recyclable… even more that it's "organic" – that is just HILARIOUS to me!!!Thanks for pointing this out, D. Are you going to do a review on this? i'm quite curious as to what it will taste like, but i'm not game enough to test it out myself.Wonder if it's Kosher… didn't see anything about that on the label, so i'm guessing "no" on that, and as well there is no knowing if it's Vegan either, and somehow i doubt it, but you never know.ODD!

  3. has anyone seen this in the supermarket or tried this? I would be curious to know. I don't think i'll see it on the shelves of australian supermarkets any time soon….

  4. Guess who's coming to breakfast: The Toxic Avenger? Jiminy, that stuff sounds gross. Put some of that squeezable liquid margarine on them and you complete the disgusting picture. What next? Soon, they'll be available in convenient suppositories. Sorry. S

  5. Frickin' AWESOME. Pushing down the toaster button to warm my Eggos = too easy. Even if it comes out of a can as long as it hits the waffle iron, technically "I cooked breakfast." And, that, friends, is what I'll tell my M-I-L as she gobbles-up waffles from a can. One thing – I haven't seen this anywhere in Whole Foods yet. Odd. 😉

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