Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness

'Tis the season for gift baskets

So three months into my new job, in the height of the holiday season what should be delivered to me at work one morning but a gift basket. A gift basket in the true sense of the word in that there were cookies, crackers, cheese spread and more tucked neatly inside a wicker tray. I felt like I won an Oscar statuette if only for a fleeting moment because it came especially for me!

The basket was courtesy of a local speciality printer with whom I only did business once during my short tenure.

Maybe it was a gentle reminder that I could shove more jobs his way but nonetheless, it was appreciated. Unfortunately, I sent everyone else in my department home the day I received the lovely gift and scarfed the whole darn thing down. That’s what happens when you work 12+ hour days I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness

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  1. OOOOOOH! Gift baskets are so nice. Looks like you got a lot of groovy shwag there, missy. No wonder the natives were eager to get into that bunch of goodies.Y'know the grocery card we get here every holiday season? Well, at least eight of our cards (at $75 a pop) were stolen from the drawer of our secretary last week (mine was one that was stolen). And three others that I know of had theirs pilfered from another dept. secretary's desk.Sharing is one thing, stealing is another…. Ah, what a wonderful world! As if layoffs and buyouts and the "VSP" wasn't enough to make one shake her head…

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