Fancy San Diego burgers: Burger Lounge

Order counter at Burger Lounge

I miss my neighbor city to the north and my temporary home for a year: Los Angeles. I miss their restaurants, both the hole-in-the-wall and trendy ones, the shops, the different neighborhoods, occasional star-sighting and the fact there’s always something to do. But I also enjoy being back in my hometown San Diego where work is only 10 minutes away and I don’t need a map to navigate the streets.

Cupcakes at the Burger Lounge

So when I heard about Burger Lounge and ate their burgers, it made me miss Los Angeles more. In the tiny Kensington neighborhood (which reminds me of Eagle Rock) and open since October, they already have people filling the place to eat their burgers. It’s also the first place I’ve been to in San Diego where they have cupcakes displayed prominently on their counter: red velvet, Hostess-like cupcakes and peanut butter chocolate. It’s something I have not seen in San Diego other than here.

The burgers are made with grass-fed beef; other options include a grilled turkey burger with fresh basil and a vegetarian “quinoa” burger (all $6.95). Non-burger options are chicken tenders on a stick, french fries, onion rings, a variety of salads and milkshakes. Burger Lounge touts the health benefits of grass fed beef which include omega-3 and high in antioxidants.

After having a taste of Paul’s burger and finishing off my own turkey burger, the turkey version was far and away better. Paul disagrees but the inclusion of basil into my burger made it taste fresher without it being too overwhelming. All burgers are on a fresh “Lounge” bun with iceberg lettuce, tomato, 1000 island dressing (made in the store), choice of cheddar, American or Swiss cheese and an optional onion slice.

The fries and rings were nothing out of the ordinary and although I would have a burger again, I would definitely skip any fried accompaniments. Eating in the tiny, trendy, orange-tinted establishment instantly transported me to one of the hipper places in L.A. where the young go out to have a burger without resorting to a fast food establishment.

That sign at Normal Heights

The one thing I truly enjoy about this place, although slightly pretentious, is that it’s another unique eatery in an already cool neighborhood. The night I went to eat, it seemed like everyone was out and about walking their dog, taking their cubs out for a stroll or seeing a flick at the indie movie theater, The Ken.

As for my Los Angeles fever, I’m due for a visit soon: to visit some old haunts and to visit this gallery showing. See you there!


There is another Burger Lounge in La Jolla located at 1101 Wall Street. (I’m prohibited from going into La Jolla.)

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  1. i do love Kensington… such a cute little enclave and some fab houses. Still trying to figure out which one belongs to our esteemed Mayor Sanders (no relation to Colonel Sanders)…As you know, D, i'm not a fan of burgers (unless they're like BOCA ones!) but the place looks pretty fun and fab in general! And any place that serves a burger made out of quinoa sounds super cool to me. i'll be trying it out!i can't agree about missing Los Angeles, though i haven't lived there (i don't know how you did it!!)…Just a side note… irony at work (play) here as i ready to leave a comment on your wonderful blog "My Burning Kitchen" — my "WORD VERIFICATION" reads: "prtzl" – and guess what i want a bag of now?!

  2. And P.S. that gallery link is cool. Sounds like a great exhibit you'll be visiting.And P.S. 2 saw "The Red Balloon" with "White Mane" at The Ken last week with P. Such a cool theater…and P.S. 3 and the reason you're prohibited from going to La Jolla is _________ ????????

  3. The place would not be much without the neighborhood. And how can a burger place get by with unremarkable fries and rings? And hip people are really starting to bore me. They all seem to need a pale sweaty foot slapped across their faces (as in the scene from "Billy Jack.") But I digress into spiritual matters. I think their grass-fed employees should be doing a much better job with their grass-fed beef — if not cut the prices in half and put in a drive-thru.

  4. hey darlene,steve and i love the burgers, but everything else is so-so … at best. bland fries, dry chicken sticks and a little too much attitude. and pass on that hostess-style cupcake. it tastes like a cheap box mix, has a strange sour creamish filling, and heavy, overly sweet frosting. goodness knows i love a cupcake, but most of this one ended up in the trash.-chris

  5. Hey There,I'm a fellow San Diego food blogger too…but I blog about recipes and not so much San Diego food outings. I'll be looking to your blog for that! This sounds like a fun place, maybe more for the atmosphere than the fries (and a few drinks, of course). If you like to cook, check out my website too: http://www.RecipeGirl.comI'll add you to my faves and check in often… good read!

  6. Hey Darlene – I agree, I like the turkey burger much better, and the onion rings are better than the fries. This place is ok, but the prices are a little high for what it is. I'm looking forward to trying Neighborhood, downtown.

  7. Hi Foodette-Thanks! Hopefully we can meet up soon and maybe eat something delicious.Hi Kleopatra–I need to explore Kensington more, there's so much more to Adams Ave than meets the eye.Hi Nanette–It was amazing just for people watching alone. Looking forward when we can meet up.Hi Just Jenn–Kensington is a small neighborhood north of downtown. Really cute. As for La Jolla… my records are sealed.Hi Steve–I guess when a place puts so much effort into their burgers that the fries and rings play second banana.Hi Chris–Glad you went! Good thing to know about the cupcakes and that I didn't miss anything.Hi Recipe Girl–Thanks for visiting! I'll check out your Web site.Hi Alice Q.–I agree that the prices are a tad high. I'll check out Neighborhood too.

  8. Hi, new to your site, found it thru apartment therapy. As a former San Diego, and specifically Kensington resident, I can tell you I was less than wowed about this restaurant. I lived right around the corner from it and when the Just Fabulous closed (the restaurant that lived in that spot before B.L) we were eagerly anticipating a new place. When it finally opened we were greeted by less than enthusiastic wait staff and dry burgers. Skip it. But don't skip Kensington, it's a fabulous place to visit and a fantastic place to live. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog.

  9. Darlene,Nice blog and write up. I live in Kensington and eat the TBL semi regularly. Bottom line for the burgers is that they need salt and pepper. Their formula is great just need some work on the seasoning. I understand they are opening up location #3 in Coronado.

  10. Bethanymoves–Thanks for visiting. I love Kensington too and look forward to seeing it grow.Chefectomy–I just recently heard, after you mentioned it that Coronado is getting their Burger Lounge too. But the still number one local burger in my book is Hodads.

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