Oh happy day! How I love Rubio’s!


I gotta tell you, when it comes to fish tacos — or really, any Mexico-influenced seafood eateries — the only place for me is Rubio’s. Upon moving to San Diego nearly 14 years ago, I realized that America’s Finest City embraced a cuisine that seemed uniquely their own — the fish taco. I was eager to try it and remember my first experience as if it were yesterday. I’d gone to the Rubio’s in the Midway district and ordered the Mahi-Mahi Taco. And it was totally not covered with disgusting, shimmering fat! No, it was all-too-easy to gulp down and I totally didn’t gag! Delicious!

I remember my second Rubio’s experience. It was at a Padres game in the then-Jack Murphy Stadium. I remember I had already tried the didn’t-make-me-want-to-chirp lean and delicious mahi-mahi taco, so I went with a couple tacos that were deep fried (I think The World Famous Fish Taco). And you know what? For the next three weeks I was fine, and certainly not visiting a bathroom seven times a day with diarrhea. Certainly not!

As you can imagine, I was wary of eating such delicious food from Rubio’s lest I become an addict. But I decided heck — food that good, maybe it was just a streak! No restaurant chain could possibly be so consistent from location-to-location! So months (years?) later I had a third meal, this time with my friend Layman at the Rubio’s in the Fashion Valley Mall. I don’t even remember what it was but I know I ate it all. And for the rest of the night all was fine, especially at 2 in the morning when I totally didn’t scramble to the toilet and violently puke my guts out until I had burst the capillaries in my eyes.

Rubio’s. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times, shame on you and you’re boycotted for life.


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  1. That has totally not ever happened to me at RUBIO'S, too! Not only did I not have any abdominal distress after eating their fish tacos, but I did not need IV fluids and a week of bed rest. WHAT is it with that place? I can't figure how they stay in business. It took me three visits as well to learn this gut-wrenching lesson.

  2. justjenn — I'm brand-loyal with certain restaurants (In-n-Out, Souplantation) and products (Subaru, JVC, Neutrogena). And in a way, I'm just as fiercely brand-loyal in boycotting that chain.chris — I think I should upload a "I'm a Rubio's Survivor" t-shirt design on cafepress. The main image would be a person with effluvia spraying out of each end.

  3. PHo … I can honestly say I've never read a more scintillating blog, and damn if I didn't use to write one for that other G paper I worked for! BTW, if I'm ever in SD, I will SO not avoid this particular establishment and I have totally not mentioned this to everyone I know who lives within 200 miles of that place!Megg 🙂

  4. how ironic – I just had what I swore would be my last meal there today – one fish taco, the cabbage tasted MOLDY. I have sworn it off before, but this was really it. It's gone WAAY downhill since it was sold a few years ago. Ralph Rubio must be pissed – unless he's too busy counting his $$.

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