Idle hands are the devil’s playground

Work freezer mess

Darlene here again.

What should have been a month off from blogging was nearly two months. So yeah, I admit it. I’ve been a total slacker. Even just this morning, I begged Paul to blog for me because I didn’t have time. I attempted to bribe him by putting the dishes away. That obviously didn’t work.

Big mess

Aside from not blogging, I most certainly did not leave a can of Diet Coke in the work freezer. No. Leave that to one of my co-workers who didn’t understand what happens to aluminum when carbonated soda expands.

I suspect that it the same person that left a bag of burned popcorn in the women’s restroom. Go figure.

The exploding can was such a controversial subject during a meeting that someone suggested removing kitchen privileges altogether. Now that’s just inhumane and insane. Unfortunately, that how my company works sometimes.

At least I didn’t have to clean the freezer.

Work freezer mess

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  1. 'Kids Cuisine'…in your office freezer. The f*ck?I imagine you going in there. Taking pictures. Then saying, "WILL SOMEONE CLEAN THIS CRAP UP?" It's like CSI: The Kitchen.

  2. i know that's not funny but it is funny… i've left cans of pop (i'm from the Midwest, sorry) in the freezer, so i've been there, done that! We had enough wrecks in the U-T Sports mini fridge that "they" (whom?? not sure) finally did away with it!Burned popcorn in the women's restroom. Well, can't say i've done THAT before… unpleasant, i'm sure.

  3. eek! Welcome back! Why is it – incidentally, that all office freezers look exactly the same?

  4. Welcome back! Hopefully Paul can guest blog once in a while. Oh that is too bad about your workplace fridge…brings back memories of the one in the Metro Dept. Even though we posted notes about keeping it clean, I remember just getting in there once and tossing out stuff that was obviouslly becoming a bio hazard; hey they were warned with the note.

  5. Welcome back! The worst thing I ever saw at the ole office kitchen (and this is really bad) was someone putting a grilled cheese in the toaster! Hello, cheese melts and at that point will run all over the toaster since it's upright! Jesh!Also, it was great when a top exec put a foil-wrapped burrito in the microwave and the whole office spent an hour investigating why the place smelled like fire, till he finally fessed up.It's just like NBC's The Office!

  6. Oh that is such a mess, isn't it? Did it once myself, only by accident. Just wanted to quickly get a warm soda nice and cold and forgot about it. Needless to say I never tried that one again – would rather drink it warm!

  7. Ew! Unfortunately, I've had to clean my work freezer before… we had just moved in and the place had sat untouched for nearly a year. We found dust everywhere and, in the kitchen, food left in various states. The fridge needed to be cleaned and I was the most junior member of the company. :PIt was great to meet you today! We'll have to get together again some time.

  8. we have had that before here at work, only with bottles of beer…you can imagine how that would stink out the freezer!

  9. Nanette–At least it was at home not a freezer shared with strangers. I imagine you could lick the sangria in your own freezer.JustJenn–Yeah, I can't figure out the kid's meal in the freezer. Maybe we're hiring child laborers. Hee… guilty. Took photo and scrammed.Kleopatra–Pop?!? You are SO midwestern.Sarah–Gross doesn't even go to the depths of how I feel about the situation.Alice Q.–I agree! Whether you work as a teacher or a gardener, all office freezers must be the only thing that doesn't change.Sam–Do I work with you?! And more importantly did you leave the soda in the freezer??Mrs. Wong–Paul will definitely fill in for me once in a while. Yeah, I remember the Metro refrigerator… shiver…Foodette–Wow… that is exactly like The Office. Maybe there should be an HR seminar on how to work various kitchen appliances.JJ–Ah… glad this post was a nice reminder of how things can go wrong.Roger–Ha!Lina–I won't recommend it. Hope that the visuals helped.Moowiesqrd–I feel for you. Cleaning out your own freezer is one thing but cleaning out the company freezer is nightmarish! Nice meeting you too.Susan–Beer at work?!? Wow.. can I work there??

  10. gosh… reminded me of my former office! As usual, I'm the lucky one to discover the aftermath… In my case (s) it's either canned Coke (I'm not into Coke) or bottled beer, left over food and sometimes If I'm lucky, frozen pens which I don't know how or why they were there… No thanks to the large supplies of same brand & color pens used by everyone!Cheers!

  11. Pixen–Doesn't it always seem like one person always find the mess? Unfortunatly it's you. 😦

  12. Oooooh…fun!I had a Samsung refrigerator that decided to start freezing things. (The freezer, at the same time, decided to STOP freezing things.) I was sitting in the living room watching TV one night and heard several, but muffled, bangs. Gunshots down the street? Nope, I had a 12 pack of coke zero in the fridge.Samsung now makes fridges that you can decide which compartments freeze and which ones refrigerate. I don't trust them. Samsung reimbursed me and I got a Maytag, since I already knew the Maytag repairmen (they're sent out for Samsung, but can't fix them.)

  13. Cara Mia–Yeez! A pack of sodas freezing and going off at the same time? I can't imagine the clean up for that.

  14. Throw everything in the trash and aim the sprayer from the sink in the direction of the fridge!Not quite, but it wasn't as bad as one might think. Those full glass shelves come in handy in these situations – contain the disaster!

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