Super-Leaded please with two lumps

You know things are starting to fall apart when you wake up one morning in a shock, rush to make coffee and accidentally forget to add the coffee grounds resulting in brewed hot water. Other times have resulted in coffee grounds all over the floor resulting in an impromptu early floor mopping. And yet another time was a broken coffee carafe which resulted in no coffee at all.


Enter my new coffee machine. No carafe. And I can set it up the night before. It’s like a little elf came into my kitchen in the wee hours of the morning and brewed coffee especially for me. Now if only that imaginary elf can remember to add cream and sugar and stop me from hitting the snooze button a zillion times.


Unfortunately for me, the morning caffeine blast only lasts until 3 p.m. when I start feeling the dregs of work. The Powers That Be have recognized that and installed a mechanical wunderkind in the kitchen. Yes, the same company that debated locking the freezer after someone left a volatile can of soda in it.


It makes everything from hot tea (the peppermint is my favorite after-lunch treat) to its version of a mochaccino. It’s not exactly up to par to that upscale coffeebar named after a Battlestar Galactica character. But still good and more importantly, free. The jury is still out on the Milky Way-flavored coffee mix.


Downside to all of this? Already peppy sales people come bouncing into my office high on caffeine talking so fast it’s like another language. Now that’s annoying.

12 thoughts on “Super-Leaded please with two lumps

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  1. OMG, Darlene, I almost did a double-take. If you didn't live and work in San Diego, I would have thought we worked together! Our office, too, was hit by the Flavia people and now both of our locations have one. Everyone in our office loved it so much, that our free coffees were gone by the end of the day. Personally, this isn't for me, because I prefer freshly ground coffee and real milk. However, the teas are great – I really love the Japanese Green tea.

  2. the flavia is pretty tasty. milkway swirl with choco powder is the best. if your company gets cheap and doesnt buy the fancy stuff, you can buy them on ebay and keep it at your desk!

  3. Anonymous–I don't know about the Milky Way taste — I haven't tried it but it sounds good.Foodette–LOL!! I prefer real milk too and I try to stop drinking coffee around 9 a.m. But I agree, the teas are great!Simon–Thanks for the combo recommendation. Good hint about getting flavors on eBay. I never would have thought!

  4. That's a sharp looking coffee maker at home; love the stainless steel look.Ooh, office coffee corner…and flavored coffee. Yummy! Remember the MoW Bar at the UT? =)

  5. I pink puffy ❤ the Flavia machine! We had one at my old agency. Loved it, loved it, loved it…

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  7. Mrs. Wong–I was about the mention the Meals on Wheels Bar and mention! I miss that convenience…Lina–Isn't it? I love the teas.Nanette–Awesome that you know the greatness of the Flavia machine. No tips required!Helmet–Actually you can get a machine at home on eBay!

  8. My office needs to get one of those. That coffee selection looks mighty tasteee. I think it would be dangerous to have at home though. I'd OD on caffeine.

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