Big spoon, little spoon

Big spoon, little spoon

There comes a time when you’ve been with someone a long time that you start to realize little things like how they like to brush their teeth, their sleeping habits and — most importantly — what spoon they like to use when eating cereal.

It’s wasn’t a bad thing, only an observation when it was pointed out to me that I automatically reach for the tablespoon when eating cereal. Thinking about it further, I’ve didn’t always eat with a tablespoon. But somewhere between childhood and college I made the transition from teaspoon to tablespoon.

Paul, on the other hand, consumes his cereal only with a teaspoon. Looking into it further, I’ve determined that neither one of us is right in which spoon to use. Instead, spoon usage is determined by the cereal to milk per bite ratio preference. Or cereal-librium.

Big spoon
Exhibit A. My cereal of choice: Trader Joe’s Frosted Vanilla Shredded Bite Size Wheats eaten with a tablespoon. There is a larger milk tp nugget ratio. I’ve gotten it to a science where every single bite-sized wheat square is accompanies a small pool of milk. End result: milk and cereal are consumed equally throughout, leaving very little of each toward the bottom of the bowl.

Little spoon
Exhibit B. Paul’s cereal of choice: Trader Joe’s Honey Nut O’s eaten with a teaspoon. The ratio of cereal vs. milk is reversed. The amount of milk per bite is greatly decreased based on personal preference leaving a larger quantity of cereal-flavored milk towards the end of the bowl.

The equation is completely blown with ice cream. I prefer eating ice cream with a teaspoon, allowing me to slowly enjoy the creamy confection while Paul wolfs his down with a tablespoon, gulping down huge amounts in each bite. To each his own I guess.

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  1. Actually, Paul is correct as I am sure Miss Manners would verify —with the exception for those who are lactose intolerant and are allowed to use a fork for eating cereal. SA

  2. Wow, that is how it is in our home: James will usually grab a teaspoon, but I like the tablespoon/soup spoon.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post! I have always eaten with the smaller spoon, and actually hate the big spoon for any applications. I feel like I am just putting too much metal into my mouth. The husband, on the other hand, always eats with the big spoon – maybe it makes him feel macho?

  4. I always use a teaspoon, no matter what kind of cereal I'm eating. But my Chocolate Life gets soggy by the time I'm to the last few spoonfuls. I wonder if I switched to the tablespoon, if I could finish the bowl before it gets soggy? This doesn't happen when I eat Cheerios… Which leads me to ask if you noticed that the person eating the cereal that can stand up longer to milk is eating with a teaspoon, whereas the person eating the cereal that disintegrates quickly is using the tablespoon… And if this might be the real reason behind your spoon usage?

  5. I didn't realize my husband made his p b and j's with grape jelly (I only eat strawberry) until we were married. I was shocked…and appaled 🙂

  6. My wife uses a big fork to eat, while I use the small fork… I guess that's sort of the same. We use the same spoons though.

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