Please. Don’t judge.

Please. Don't judge.

I’ve been ill the past few days and work has me busy until the end of the year.

But look! It’s eggnog season already.

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  1. Sarah–Uh yes. I wasn't shopping alone that day so I'll let you figure out what happened. :)Jodi–Yeah, eggnog is a bit gaggy. And I remember you have a thing against eggs too.

  2. Well I LOVE egg nog, and egg nog-related products! Egg nog lattes, egg nog pancakes, egg nog cookies … YUM. Yay for egg nog season!

  3. Is that the Albertson's "around the corner?" I loved that store. It's just big enough to get what you need, but not "scuzzy" like the Vons across the street. I recently saw egg nog flavored ice cream. I'll stick to the other flavor(s) of the season: pumpkin, pepermint, and chocolate!

  4. Chris–Unfortunately I can only take eggnog in tiny quantities. More than that and I start to gag. Too much cream. You can have my share.Mrs. Wong–It is! That scuzzy, ghetto Vons is still there. I was there recently and it has not changed one. bit.

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