“You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa.”

Taco Challenge!

I love tacos. I love tacos more than burritos. Tacos are small and if you choose, you can have more than one with different fillings. With burritos, they are just too big and I get bored with eating the same burrito after a while. If you love tacos like me, you should be able to identify the tacos at a mere glance.

Enter Taco Challenge!

It’s been a crappy fall — with the horrible economy and everyone’s wallets being a little leaner — but no one should be denied tacos. So I’m holding a contest. Identify the fillings in seven tacos and from the people who correctly identify the tacos, one person will be chosen randomly to get a bag of tortilla chips from San Diego’s infamous El Indio Restaurant (which was featured on the Food Network) and a $20 gift certificate to Del Taco*.

Seven delicious tacos
Click on photo for a larger image.

And I’m since not completely heartless, I am providing the taco fillings for the photo above. Just correctly match them to the numbers and email me at darleneeats[at]gmail.com.

-Carne asada
-Shredded beef
-Carnitas (pork)

Contest ends January 31! Good luck!

*My Burning Kitchen does not endorse — nor is sponsored by — Del Taco for taco-eating pleasure. Above tacos were from El Zarape.

For the people who left a comment with their answers, I have hid the comments so no on is copying your answers.

5 thoughts on ““You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa.”

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  1. 4 5 and 6 are going to be tough… But here I go.1 Fish2 Shrimp3 Carnitas4 Potato5 Lobster6 Shredded Beef7 Carne Asada

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