People will understand that getting a piece of the cake is better than not getting any cake at all

So I’ve set a goal for myself: to try and schedule a cake tasting once a week until March. It’s not a very hard goal to keep but I have discovered that it directly conflicts with my other goal of attempting to lose 5 pounds. Choices, choices. I know. But we all make sacrifices.

Twiggs Bakery

This weekend’s cake tasting was hosted by Twiggs, a local bakery and coffee shop here in San Diego. Twiggs only has two coffee shops in the San Diego area. The newest location on Adams Avenue opened up last October was also the place for the cake tasting. It was a very clean, open space and busy on this particular Saturday afternoon.

I was feeling under the weather this weekend but it was the prospect of tasting cake that convinced me to get dressed and leave the confines of home. I was glad I did because the cake tasting exceeded my expectations.

Twiggs Tasting Plate
Holy crap! That is a A LOT of cake to taste.

Bernie, the co-owner who met us, set us up with a tasting platter of all their cakes. Yes, all 14 varieties. Bernie suggested we start from the lightest cake to the chocolate ones. Much like wine tasting going from light to dark. Standouts were the white velvet, a rich, dense cake with a buttery aftertaste, and our favorite — red velvet. What surprised both Paul and me was the lemon poppy seed (which was sans poppy seed at this tasting). A very light, refreshing cake. Least favorite: the blackberry walnut cake which Paul did not taste due to his allergy to walnuts.

Twiggs coffee
Complimentary beverages with the cake consultation.

Prices were on par with Sumi’s Oven at the previous tasting. Twiggs was named one of the top wedding cake vendors by The Knot in 2007. And one thing that did stand out was the minimum lead time for a wedding cake: at least 10 days notice. Very nice. Also when tossing the area to Bernie about macarons as favors, he offered a macaroon cookie to take home and try later. I meant French macarons but the the gesture was nice.

After cake tastings
Tried our best.

So far, it’s a coin toss between Sumi’s Oven and Twiggs Bakery. But time factor in booking a cake may play in the decision making. Besides, there so much more cake to taste.

13 thoughts on “People will understand that getting a piece of the cake is better than not getting any cake at all

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  1. I am finding these cake tasting posts incredibly interesting! Cake is great! Can't wait to find out which one you go with. =]

  2. Haw. Sh*list! I should make you a cakelist one.You've inspired me to make up a white velvet recipe now…yum.

  3. I can just imagine that's what a you get served when you request cake for dessert in heaven. My mouth is watering at the description of the white velvet!

  4. JustJenn–Yes! It's my place for cake tasting notes!Carter–Red velvet a cake with buttermilk and a touch of cocoa powder dyed red. It's a Southern thing and is really big for cupcake flavors.Cara Mia–I love the white velvet. We are leaning towards two flavors white and red velvet.

  5. Do you have to be getting married to participate in one of these cake tastings? I am thinking that I could pull of the bride to be thing again if I needed to. (Unfortunately my husband is way too honest!) Great Blog!

  6. I totally remember cake tasting. We ended up getting spice cake for one of the layers and choc. cake for another. Nothing too terribly exciting. If I were to celebrate it again, I'd go Red Velvet all the way. Looks like you liked it too!

  7. Recipe GIrl–I think we are thinking of going with red velvet all the way but spice cake sounds so good! It's one of Paul's many favorites.

  8. Kleopatra–Yes, definitely yummy.Diana P–I think we are leaning heavily towards red velvet. I love the color of the cake and most importantly the frosting will be white so no clashing there.

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