The Taco Challenger Winner is…

Taco Challenge WinnerMary!

Thanks to the many people who participated in this challenge. I know it was a difficult challenge but I congratulate everyone who sent in an entry. If I could send a bag of chips to everyone, I would!

Seven delicious tacos

The correct answer to the challenge was (left to right):
fish, shrimp, carnitas/pork, lobster, potato, shredded beef, carne

As for Mary, send your address my way and I’ll send out your gift certificate and bag of chips to you. CONGRATULATIONS!!

5 thoughts on “The Taco Challenger Winner is…

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  1. Oh wow. Those tacos look so darn tasty my mouth is watering over here! How is the heck was someone able to correctly match em!?

  2. Anonymous–You're such a conspirator!hmmm–I admit that the contest was difficult but a lot of people got the answers correctly. Those tacos were tasty though!

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