Valentine’s Day means eating tiny sandwiches

On previous Valentine’s Days, we had expensive dinners that let us down, low-key dinners made at home and even something at Roundtable Pizza — formerly Paul’s favorite pizza place. This year, we both agreed on something inbetween because of the economy and the expensive event later on this year. So I suggested Cafe Chloe.

I’ve been to Cafe Chloe only once before. It’s in downtown San Diego on the fringe of the nice Gaslamp Quarter. The food had always been quaint cafe food that many people describe as items you would find in a French cafe.

I’ve never been to France so I’ll take their word for it. But I was especially smitten with their Urban Tea which I read on Alice Q. Foodie’s blog about a year ago and the idea hooked me like a fish.

Urban Tea spread

Cafe Chloe’s Urban Tea is served daily from 3-5 p.m. with reservation only. Luckily I had made the reservation back in December because they weren’t accepting any further reservations earlier that week due to Valentine’s Day. Cafe Chloe is apparently hopping on V-Day.

When we got there the table was set up and waiting for us. We were offered tea or prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine. Since it was a special occasion, we went with prosecco. But being true to form, only a quarter of the glass got me flushed and tipsy. Fortunately, being drunk didn’t stop me from appreciating the food.

The savories

We started with savory level: mini mushroom tartlettes, proscuitto palmiers and open-faced sandwiches. All were delicious. In addition, the side order of pommes frites helped fill in those empty spots in our stomachs. I was happy and satiated.

The sweets

But if that wasn’t enough, the second tier held the sweets: salted caramel chocolates, an unidentified pastry, shortbread cookies shaped as hearts and two huge cranberry orange scones — which we passed on completely and continued to eat the next day.

In all a very nice way to spend Valentine’s Day afternoon with a stuffed belly, slightly drunk and listening to piped-in music by Howard Jones.

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day means eating tiny sandwiches

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous way to enjoy Valentine's Day..there is something so elegant about little sandwiches and little cakes.

  2. Geefunk, Nancy Cook and Jodi–Must be all those tiny tea sets I had when i was growing up except I drank pretend tea.

  3. Kleopatra–Unfortunately I don't know that many Howard Jones songs (and had to ask Paul what was playing). But it did bring back memories from the 80s.Cara Mia–Me too! What is is about that combo?

  4. Chubby Panda–It IS the tiny sandwiches. It's like dim sum.Photogirl–Yeah, I have a lot on my list but I'm officially on a diet now. 😦

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