Uh, wasn’t this a Bakers Square before?

When I heard that Du-pars — a small restaurant chain from Los Angeles — opened up in San Diego, I raced there after work to check it out. Specifically to have pie. I didn’t know the exact address only that it was on Sports Arena Blvd. The street is relatively small but all I had to do was look for the Du-par’s sign. What did I see instead? Tarp with Du-par’s logo tossed over an old Bakers Square sign.


The Sports Arena area is looking pretty sad these days with the economy and all. What once was a thriving area filled with used car lots, strip malls and uh, strip clubs is now a bunch of empty retail shops with ‘for rent’ signs outside. I was hoping that Du-par’s coming to Sports Arena meant a revival of the area. Maybe in a few months but that sign looked pretty sad.


You know what was also pretty sad? The interior. None of the furnishings had been changed and since I was there pretty early in the evening, the blue hairs were still eating dinner. I think I threw the age curve off by a few decades. Hey, I like to eat pretty early too but I’m not in my 60s.

The pie I’ve had before was pretty good but that was a few years ago. The chocolate meringue was subpar and not what I remember. I’m actually surprised I finished it.

Sad welcome sign

I really think that Du-pars should have waited to open instead of, hopefully, being in this transition stage with old furnishings, staff that was overeager and handmade signs. At least I got to check out their original menu from 1938.

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  1. There has been a Du-par's near my hometown for as long as I've lived there (1990) and I swear to you it was about 2 years ago that I realized it wasn't a golf shop. I never bothered to look and for some reason that name makes me think golf, not pie.

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