San Diego’s Sonic Drive-In — In Pictures

Staging area
For cars, up to an hour wait. Sometimes two.

Recommended parking
Recommended parking after business hours. At your own risk.

Santee dress code
Santee dress code for them young’uns.

Green is in
Dress to impress.

Tater tot explosion
Fill in your caption.

7 thoughts on “San Diego’s Sonic Drive-In — In Pictures

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  1. I love Sonic from my summers in Arkansas. After watching commercial after commercial for years now, knowing the closest one was in Fullerton, I'm glad to see that San Diego finally got one! I may wait until the crowds die down to go though.

  2. Have not been to a Sonic yet! OMG I loved that you showed 'visions' of Santee. Used to live in San Carlos & took a few trips out there to Wal Mart, Costco, etc. Fun people watching 🙂 The kid w/ his pants slid down & skivvies in full view… love it! That's such a classic pic.

  3. Are those chili cheese tots? OMG yum.All my friends love to joke about Sonic because they show the commercials here but none of us has ever seen one. Waste of ad money Sonic!

  4. Hearing about the long waits to "experience" Sonic in San Diego county…maybe it's faster to drive up to Fullerton and get a fix. =)Remember when the first InNOut opened in SD; the one off hwy 94. I miss a good InNOut burger and fries.

  5. Chili cheese tots!?!?! *drool* [and yes chili cheese tots require multiple exclamation points & question marks]

  6. Kim in the Kitchen–Yeah, those Sonic commercials are cruel. But now we can't complain because it's in the county.RecipeGirl–Sonic is okay. The drinks are what makes Sonic stand above the rest of the fast food restaurants.Sarah–You guessed right about the chili cheese tots.Jodi–I was unaware Sonic was in Texas but it makes sense now that I think about it.Mrs. Wong–The wait time at Sonic has settled down to about 10 minutes but more during the meal hours.Geefunk–I agree that chili cheese tots require many exclamation points.

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