A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand

I’ve seen breakfast cookies, sugar-free cookies (yuck) and cookies that look like panda bears. But cookies that help you lose weight — that’s just too good to be true. The great thing about this blog is when I have the time to update it, I occasionally get offers to try stuff or attend events. All of it is very cool but when I got an opportunity to try some diet cookies, it seemed too good to be true.

Smart for Life cookie

I got a big box of these Smart for Life cookies at home. The thing behind these cookies is that you have to eat an entire box off cookies in one day. That makes about 6 cookies that come in chocolate chip (the variety sent to me), blueberry and oatmeal raisin. Then a sensible meal at night which basically means no junk. Each cookie is 100 calories. I’ve known salespeople in my office who have done this diet with amazing results, losing up to 8 pounds in two weeks. But those salespeople must be crazy because these cookies are disgusting. Have you ever had a “mockocolate”-covered sponge with a diet aftertaste?

The F*Cup cookie was something I picked up at Nijiya for the, ahem, packaging. I got it as a joke for Paul, but when it rang up on the register, it was almost $5 for four cookies. What exactly did I pick up and why was the cashier checking me out? It seems that F*cup cookie claims to have breast-enhancing herbs that will increase your cup size to a double D.

They tasted a bit like shortbread, nothing too special. As for their claims… no news to tell. I wonder how many of those cookies I’d need to devour to look like Katie Price. (answer: ALL OF THEM) Beside the vanilla cookie, the F*cup cookie also comes in chocolate.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I combined the breast-enhancing cookies with the weight loss results of the diet variety. The world will never know because I prefer cupcakes over cookies.

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  1. They sound really grim! You're probably better off going to 101 cookbooks or another healthy blog and baking yourself something nice and wholesome instead.

  2. Hehe, clever title.I am so sick of hearing about these fad diets! Especially sugar-free cookies and diet soda – those are just oxymorons! These things never work and people always end up gaining the lost weight back. [LOL at justJenn's comment]

  3. The F Cup cookie? Hilarious! If the poor, vulnerable girls who invested in these only knew the reality of double D's is not so fabulous, they would save lots of money!Let me know if you come across a B Cup cookie. I'd be happy to invest in those!

  4. There seems to be a huge opportunity here for jokes about cookies and milk; I will refrain from going there.

  5. Jennywenny–They were horrible. Thankfully I'm only on this diet a little bit longer.Jodi–It is part of the Cookie Diet. I'll send you a box of cookies!JustJenn–I think I will have better luck stuffing it into my bra.Sasha–Sugar-free desserts are disgusting. I would rather eat a little of something with sugar than a whole batch of sugar free desserts.Mrs. Mandy–LOL! I never thought about the problems of having an F cup.Anonymous–I appreciate it, Steve.

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