And then there was this time I was sick where I stayed in and watched True Blood all weekend…

Deviled eggs
Summer colds are the worst. But luckily I convinced Paul that we absolutely had to have HBO for a few months or for as long as True Blood Season 2 was on.

So staying indoors for almost three days catching up on the episodes wasn’t so bad. I was living the vampire life. We even made deviled eggs to go along with the gallons of medicine and orange juice we lived on. All we needed was a bottle of True Blood.

Deviled eggs are made better with piece of crispy bacon on top. The filling is seasoned according to taste with mayo, dijon mustard, salt, pepper and light sprinkle of paprika. It’s the hard-boiled eggs that are the tricky part. When it’s undercooked, the yolks are runny. Overcooked, a ring of gray appears around the yolk.

And yes, here are the directions for perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs:
Place a covered pot of water on the stove until it starts boiling. Once boiling, place eggs in the pot, one by one making sure not to break the shell. After 12 minutes dump eggs into a sink filled with ice cold water, making sure that the shell breaks on the ice. Shells should peel off easily once cooled.

6 thoughts on “And then there was this time I was sick where I stayed in and watched True Blood all weekend…

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  1. I'm summoning much bravery to scroll past the eggs (***GAG!!!***) to leave a comment. Hey! You scored one of the door hangers they put in all of the hotels, eh? We brought one home, but don't watch the show.

  2. I heard about this True Blood. Everybody is talking about it. Maybe I should give in.I love boiled eggs. I had 4 yesterday. I am Filipino, however, I don't like the boiled eggs with the baby fetus inside. Not cool at all.

  3. By the way, I linked up your site on mine too. We are forever linked up now (now say that in a creepy person voice)nice.

  4. Anon–I think bacon makes everything taste better.Jodi–Yes. The door hanger was from JustJenn!Caleb–You need to see it. Season one is on DVD now and you'll get hooked.Mini Baker–Thanks and you're welcome!

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