Psycho Donuts: Qu’est-ce que c’est?


I wanted to hate Psycho Donuts. And prior to the trip to the Bay Area earlier this month, I thought it paled in comparison to Voodoo Donuts in Portland. Voodoo Donuts with it banned-by-the-FDA Nyquil donut and some with explicit names. Psycho Donuts in San Jose seemed, well just, a tad mellow.

San Jose in whole seems pretty dull compared to the grimier San Francisco a few miles north. Shortly after opening, Psycho Donuts had complaints about their shop. Or maybe they were just secretly protesting about the sugar in the donuts. Who knows? But I had my hopes low because I think the logo is awful and the location next to a Subway just spells ‘doom.’

As you enter the shop, an employee dressed as a nurse offers bubble wrap to pop. But what really takes my attention is the amount of kids in the shop. Kids with chocolate all over their faces chowing down on huge donuts. The donuts themselves aren’t big but the toppings on them give the illusion of size.

S'mores and rice krispy

Many donuts have cookie or candy toppings and their names include headbanger, Jekyll & Hyde and Nutella the Hun. Choosing donuts can be overwhelming with all the choices. There are no plain cake donuts in this place so those looking for an old fashioned are out of luck..

Despite the toppings galore, the donuts weren’t bad to my surprise. Might I even add that the ones we had were pretty darn good? The donuts were not teeth-aching sweet. The only problem to cope with was how to eat the darn things without pieces spilling down the front of your shirt. It now made sense why many of the kids had remenants of donuts around their mouths. I just pity the parents who have to deal with the the affects of the sugar overload afterwards.

Psycho Donuts

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  1. I agree on the logo. They should have a doughnut with a knife attacking an obese person in a shower. Or even better, the other way around (as the donut showers in glaze, it is attacked). I think doughnuts are not very satisfying. When I am done eating them, I feel like I wasted the calories. Donuts are the drugs of the food world. Think about those anti-drug films in school. You could seamlessly replace the drugs with donuts and it would all work. Donuts are tempting, pleasing to the eye and deadly. Just say No dough.

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