Just in time for the holidays, y’awl!

Paul here, giving Darlene a break today while she preps for the Thanksgiving feast we’re planning for tomorrow. HA! No, that’s a joke — we did Thanksgiving last weekend. A recap to come.

Some comedian made a joke once that being in a relationship with a vegetarian essentially means he’s a vegetarian. Well, the sames holds true if you’re with a foodie. You end up talking about food, exploring different cuisines, seeking out bigger and better, even spending more than the typical passing thought on kitchen gadgets.

And on early Sunday mornings, we have our coffee while watching stupid amounts of Food Network or infomercials. Hence this posting.

Pop culture the wheelhouse for my comic Cool Jerk, and foodie culture is certainly a facet of that.

Click to enlargify!

Some of the gags above should come as no surprise if you know me. Thinking about Paula Deen deep-frying bacon in butter was the impetus for my strip, instead of the more recent (and much more exciting) news. I actually adore Giada and find it hard to say anything overly critical of her, except maybe for her resemblance to a De Laurentiisaurus Rex. And Guy Fieri? I know he’s an easy target. But on the upside, a good friend of ours will have her café featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” soon. So that’s a good thing. (More to come on that; I don’t want to steal any thunder or jinx anything.)

Happy Thanksgiving, y’awl!


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  1. Happy thanksgiving to you too! Unfortunately my husband gets both the vegetarian and the foodie! He draws the line at top chef but is a massive alton brown fan…

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