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Paul's book-signing event was a huge success and thank you everyone who stopped by: old friends, many friends we only see during the comic-con but were locked out due to the fast sellout of tickets, my high school teacher who brought along some of his students and I also got a chance to finally meet... Continue Reading →

Comics & Tacos Tomorrow

As Paul and I are gearing up for the event at M-Theory tomorrow, we are lucky to get the Tabe BBQ food truck to stop by for 90 minutes to sell their delicious Mexican-Asian fusion tacos and burritos. In addition, with each book purchase,  we are including a coupon for a free taco of your choice from... Continue Reading →

Just in time for the holidays, y’awl!

Paul here, giving Darlene a break today while she preps for the Thanksgiving feast we're planning for tomorrow. HA! No, that's a joke -- we did Thanksgiving last weekend. A recap to come.Some comedian made a joke once that being in a relationship with a vegetarian essentially means he's a vegetarian. Well, the sames holds... Continue Reading →

88 miles for a Shamrock Sh…

Top o' the mornin' to ye, me fine lads and lassies! Me latest adventure in blog form has a three-fold purpose: 1.) It's St. Patrick's Day, 2.) I wanted to try a Shamrock Shake for the first time, and 3.) I wanted to see if the foul, 20-year-old rumor about Shamrock Shakes becoming, uh, Shamrock... Continue Reading →

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