Jamie’s crazy dances moves and mad cooking skills

Crazy Eyes

I first noticed Jamie Oliver when he first premiered as the Naked Chef and kept tabs on him over the years following his work with at-risk teens in the U.K. But he has completely caught my interest with his show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

It’s an eye-opening look at the city of Huntington, West Virginia and why they are currently America’s unhealthiest city. Jamie battles elementary school lunch programs where flavored milk and processed chicken nuggets are the norm and confronts a family and their freezer stocked with frozen pizzas. It’s no surprise the city is in dire straits when they consider french fries a serving of vegetables. Jamie is constantly hitting roadblocks, whether it be from the local disc jockey or USDA regulations of how many serving of carbs need to be included in an elementary school lunch. I don’t know if many of the scenes are edited to be overly dramatic but it’s become a must-see show for me.

What I didn’t realize before were his mad dance skills as evidenced in last Friday’s episode involving a flash mob and an impromptu stir fry on the Marshall college campus.

Maybe this can lead to Dancing with the Stars involving cooking personalities. I think Jamie Oliver would be a shoe-in for that.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is on Friday nights on ABC.

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    1. I like Jamie as well. He approaches food with an unpretentious outlook and that anyone can cook. I only wish I had his number on speed dial for food emergencies!

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