Friday’s Fast-Food Fishtacular! – Jack in the Box Fish Sandwich

Jack in the Box logo

Jack in the Box Fish Sandwich

I confess — I loves me Jack in the Box. Their mascot is great, their commercials are hilarious and oft-times brilliant, their menu is diverse and reasonable, I like their redesigned logo and they’re the home team. Jack has had a fish sandwich for some time now, so it’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone. But heck — there are two Jack in the Boxes walking distance from here so I figured, why not?

Jack Sandwich

Jack’s fish sandwich, while good-tasting, is your run-of-the-mill fast food fishburger. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect when you order one. There’s not much to say about the breaded-and-fried Alaska pollock, except that the two smallish filets combine to make a good-size portion. It comes with a leaf of romaine lettuce (a nice change from most everyone else’s iceberg lettuce) and their distinctive tartar sauce. If you’ve ever had Jack’s fish & chips, you know what I’m talking about. The bun is their typical sesame seed variety. It’s a middleweight sandwich, in both calories (466) and price (about $2.90).

No bells and whistles (like a deluxe bun or crazy condiments), but no disappointments, either. Aw, Jack. You can do better.

Our Man Horn

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