Lost San Diego – Dr Pepper and Hires Root Beer Bottling Co.

Close-up Dr. Pepper/Hines bottle plant

Despite the movement towards new, shinier things especially technology — have I mentioned how much I adore my iPad? — I still have an affinity for the old (vintage ads, old typography and pre-depression architecture). When I recently saw this building sign near Kettner and West A Street in downtown San Diego, I had to photograph it in case another building pops up in front of it, hiding it for another 50 years or so. Or even worse, being demolished forever in place of something newer. This sign especially resonates with me because it’s my drink of choice as a carbonated beverage after tasting it’s delicious cherry-vanilla undertones. The sign shows a clock with the hands pointing to 10, 2 and 4 o’clock — supposedly the times to drink it to keep you “regular,” according to popular legend.

Dr. Pepper/Hines bottling plant

My favorite photo is the old bottling company building with the newer, shiny Pacific Western Bank building in the back. A mash up of both old and new.

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  1. Wow! I love, love, love that building and those signs. I am a fan of both Dr. Pepper AND Root Beer, so yum! I’m surprised I didn’t see this when we did our impromtu tour of San Diego when leaving the Monday after Comic-Con. Okay, okay, we got lost and couldn’t find the freeway and might just have driven by this.

  2. I love the way you see things! I noticed that building on our way to Yourgland and thought about taking a picture but I had to tinkle too bad to stop! So, it’s like you got into my brain and made a wish come true! OMG! This is just like that movie with that guy from Gilbert Grape and that girl with the big forehead and the fussy attitude! 🙂

    Also, I was doing a little Dr. Pepper research recently and read that the 10,2,4 thing came from the factory workers, those were the times they went on break, and of course, drank some Dr. Pepper! This could totally be urban legend though!

  3. Great photo! My dad used to love Dr. Pepper. I remember playing pepper poker. You’d collect the tabs on the can (remember the removable ones?) where they had a card number on it and if you collected enough it’d make a hand you’d win something but I forgot what. We got a couple full houses and a straight so I guess we drank quite a lot of it! 🙂

    1. I remember those tabs but I think growing up we drank mostly Coke out of those glass bottles. I’m sure those tabs are collectors items today.

  4. The building is still there on Saturday 10/15/2016. I am a member of the San Diego bottle collecting club and also one of the concrete truck drivers that brought 8,000 yards of concrete for a building across the street. I went back Sunday to take photos.

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