Mmm… Hemoglob-licious

So I was at Borders a few days ago, trying to find something on which I could blow my 33%-off coupon, when I spotted a display of Tru Blood bottles. Because, you know, when you think “carbonated fake-blood beverage based on the HBO series ‘True Blood,’” you think “Borders Books and Music.” I had a sample of Tru Blood at WonderCon this year and I recalled it being a tasty concoction, so I bought a bottle.

For six bucks. WHA-A-A-T?!?

Tru Blood drink

Last weekend marked the season finale of “True Blood,” the genesis for this fictional beverage. In the series, Tru Blood is an artificial blood that nourishes vampires. Like Ensure™ with coagulants. Luckily, the boutique soda does not. Coagulate.

The real Tru Blood Type O Positive is actually a blood orange soda with a very light fizz. Its flavor is both sweet and a little tart. Which is hilarious to write, because the nose — if you can describe a soda as a wine — smells just like a chewy SweetTart, or even a Pixie Stix.


The bottle is a nice marketing endeavor. Not only does it look like the Tru Blood on the HBO series, but the glass of the bottle itself is a deep red with kanji characters molded onto the neck (an homage to the show; if I recall correctly, the Japanese created the synthetic food/beverage).

Ingredient-wise, there are a few pleasant surprises. Like the best sodas, this baby is made with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. It also has some caffeine, which makes sense to me. And it has 99 calories for 14 ounces, which is a lot fewer calories than most 12oz. sodas.

I would recommend trying a bottle, but really only if you’re a soda snob and/or if you’re a fangbanger (fan of “True Blood”). At $5.99 plus tax and CA redemption, it’s certainly at the bottom of my shopping list when I think “refreshing soda for a hot summer day.” Especially since Tru Blood is supposed to be served at 98.6° F. Of course.


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  1. Sounds like Faygo has some competition. As years go by, tastes change, and I would imagine you’ll find some kind of food to complement this new-found treasure. Of course, it would not be meat loaf, the ‘comfort food’ of today really, and yesteryear, as well. 😉

  2. yeah, i remember seeing those last year somewhere. overpriced. they would look really cool as a prop for a halloween outfit – you know, a merlotte’s waitress or as a vamp! not that i’d dress up as a merlotte’s waitress tho’! ha ha.

    omg – eric in the finale! even with cement all over him, he still looked quite hawt!

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