I get mail, therefore I am

Package from Warren

I love getting packages. In this era of instant messages arriving either via email or on my phone, it’s nice to get a big, hefty package via snail mail. It’s even better when it has treats from Europe.

My brother recently returned from a work trip to Switzerland and promised to get some souvenirs for me. EDIBLE souvenirs.

In box

So a big package arrived in the mail last week. I was overwhelmed with all the delicious-looking food — all with French, German or Italian instructions (sometimes, all three). Luckily, my one semester of high school French helped me figure out that jambon et  fromage is ham and cheese.

I’m practicing restraint and slowly making my way through every product. As I promised my brother, I will report on my findings. Apparently he didn’t try many of them himself — he O.D.’d on gelato during his stay in Italy. If only we all that problem.

3 thoughts on “I get mail, therefore I am

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  1. I hope you and Paul enjoy the package. It was really hard resisting opening and eating a lot of the treats, especially the Schoko-Bananen!

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