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Free taco ticket

Paul’s book-signing event was a huge success and thank you everyone who stopped by: old friends, many friends we only see during the comic-con but were locked out due to the fast sellout of tickets, my high school teacher who brought along some of his students and I also got a chance to finally meet fellow local blogger, Canine Cologne.

The event was made even sweeter when Tabe BBQ stopped by M-Theory Music to serve the tacos, burritos and Tabe fries — their take on California fries but topped with spicy pork and Tabe seasonings. A special added bonus was with the purchase of a Cool Jerk book, you got a ticket for a free taco from Tabe.

The event was such a whirlwind trying to talk to everyone, so instead of summing it up with words, I’ll just post a few photos.

Thanks again to everyone that made this possible!

Matthew Gordon of Tabe BB serving up food

Todd Ichinaga with Tabe fries

Paul signing off a book

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  1. hi darlene – it was nice finally meeting you and paul! i love his books and am obsessed with his detailed annotations! you are so cute in person! 🙂

    thanks also for the little food gift! can’t wait to open that can!

  2. Glad you love the earrings! And yeah, True Blood! My friend D and I have both read all the books and I have to say, I like the back stories of characters in the book better BUT I love how the series brings the characters to life and changes things up. OMG, book 4 – Sookie will totally get it on with ERIC!!!!! Can’t wait for that, heh!

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