If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Three tined fork

Somehow, over the past few months, our utensils — specifically our forks — have whittled down from eight pieces to five. Paul is confident that with me bringing my lunch to work almost every day, I have accidentally left them in the lunchroom. Or even — gasp — thrown them away. Even though I tore my desk apart at work looking for the lost forks, they have not been recovered. Next to teaspoons, forks are the second most-used utensil in our drawer. The disappearance will forever remain a mystery.

Instead of mourning over the lost forks, I’ve taken it as an opportunity to get new silverware. Our silverware. Silverware that we pick out together. I got it into my head that our new silverware set must include three-tined forks.

Why three-tined forks? Three-tined forks are unique, hard-to-find and look like little tridents. Paul is not convinced a three-tined fork would work out for us.

So during our trip to NYC, we came across Muji — the Japanese equivalent to Ikea (as described by Deb Aoki). Muji’s items have been featured in MoMA, which is no surprise since all their products are based on clean, minimalist design. Everything from t-shirts shrink-wrapped into tiny squares to cardboard speakers are available at Muji. In addition, they also sell kitchenwares including a much-coveted and adorable three-tined fork!

Although I only bought two complete place settings of silverware, I’m happy to finally have a three-tined fork in our household and as well as a little souvenir from New York. Thankfully, we both agree what drinking glasses we should buy next.

9 thoughts on “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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  1. And here I figured San Diego had everything! Those forks look as though they could be user-unfriendly, so good luck when attempting to eat rice with them…

  2. Very cool forks! I think I might have stopped by Muji a couple of years ago when visting a friend in NYC. This is in SoHo right? Everything was so nice and neat. I didn’t get anything though. That small 3-tined fork looks like a seafood fork. Wait, do those have just 2 tines? Tiny tridents rule! 🙂

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