I simply remember my favorite things


Aside from traveling, I love simple things. Baking. Waking up without the alarm. And afternoon naps. But once in a while, I want to share things that strike my fancy that don’t deserve a post of their own. Most of them are food but some involve other things like plants!

Dead plant and terraruim

I’ve tried keeping plants at work. To date, four potted plants have died on me. Some of my coworkers have tried to help me out, watering the poor things to revive them but the harsh glare of the sun coming from my window always kills them. Then I discovered terrariums.

After some poking around on Etsy, I found these glass jars filled with some greenery and miniature landscapes. Every few weeks I spray a little water into the jar. I adjust the humidity by removing the lid of the jar. I’m keeping the last plant I killed next to the terrarium until I can gather a few more to add to my windowsill. You can find an assortment of terrariums here.

Tim Tam cookies

Speaking of work, I keep  Tim Tams in my desk drawer. Tim Tams are two digestive biscuits sandwiching a chocolate cream filling and covered in milk chocolate. They are only available in Australia — that was until Pepperidge Farms brought them to the U.S. Tim Tams are sometimes available at Target and Fry’s Electronics. We love our digestive biscuits so much that I keep a stash at work so Paul doesn’t get into them.

Retro Dr. Pepper cans

After seeing the vintage signage from an old Dr Pepper/Hires bottling plant downtown, I was estatic to find a couple old-school Dr Pepper cans at a local Vietnamese bakery. To celebrate their 125-year anniversary, Dr Pepper re-released a variety of retro can designs. Also retro: these vintage Dr Peppers use real sugar (none of that high-fructose corn syrup which has been getting a lot of bad press). Other soda companies are following lead with retro cans of their own but we only care about Dr Pepper.

4 thoughts on “I simply remember my favorite things

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  1. I love Tim Tams! You can also find them at Cost Plus, usually the imported versions which come in more flavors. I don’t have to tell you about the Tim Tam Slam, do I? Where you bite off corners and then suck hot tea up through the biscuit? You have to do it quickly, though, before the whole thing falls apart.

  2. hi darlene – ooh, i’ve only heard of tim tams! i need to check my local target! those look good! wafers, chocolate!!!!

    love the retro dr pepper cans too! i just saw a “throwback” pepsi can. it was the same but it just said “throwback” on it because it used real sugar. bert had it and it was super sweet. i once had a student who collected soda cans from all over the world. he had quite an interesting collection.

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