All I want for Christmas is….

It’s that time of year again when websites and publications are shelling out gift guides for all the people on your list, whether they’ve been good or bad. They’ve got all sorts of gift ideas for the environmentally conscious cook, your friend who enjoys sparkly things, the techo-savvy younger brother or the aunt who has it all.

That is fine and all, but I say screw that!

I’ll break the trend and post what is on my Christmas wish list. (Actually everyone should do that to avoid Christmas day disappointment). And on my list? Anthony Bourdain! Why? Continue on…


And to be equally fair, here is something that may please the people (i.e. Paul) who enjoy the female food cult figure. And I’m not talking Paula Deen.


Is there something missing from the list that makes Anthony and Nigella objects of desire? Who/what is on your Christmas list this year?

Either way it’s a impossible tall order for sure, but in retrospect meeting either person  — regardless if you are man or woman — is sure to please.

With apologies to Mr. Bourdain and Ms. Lawson. -D

12 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is….

Add yours

  1. In true geek spirit with a creepy spouse-swap (well, on-screen spouse) vibe… D. and I would probably go with Grace Park and Tahmoh Penikett. He’s got a thing for the tall, skinny Korean chick and, as for me, all you need to do is find a scene from Battlestar or Dollhouse where TP’s not wearing a shirt. Done.

  2. Nice illos P. Ho!

    Keeping with the foodie theme, I’d have to say my pick would be Jamie Oliver. I know, I know… those teeth. But, he’s got so much passion about food and food education, his cooking style is completely approachable and unpretentious and the icing on the cake (no pun intended), he’s a musician!

    1. Right after Mr. Bourdain, Jaime Oliver is there. And I agree that his food is very approachable and I like his passion. I honestly never noticed his teeth but know that you mention it, that explains the way he talks.

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