Remembering Anthony Bourdain

I’ve been pretty lucky as a food blogger. Since launching My Burning Kitchen in 2005 as a place online to document my journeys and thoughts, one of the best things was meeting Anthony Bourdain. It resonates even more now that he's gone. I won’t go on about how he changed the way we talked about... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas is….

It’s that time of year again when websites and publications are shelling out gift guides for all the people on your list, whether they've been good or bad. They've got all sorts of gift ideas for the environmentally conscious cook, your friend who enjoys sparkly things, the techo-savvy younger brother or the aunt who has... Continue Reading →

Flashback to 2002 – Food Adventures in Europe

Berlin in 2002. We're showing the international gangster sign of stupid Americans.I throughly love Anthony Bourdain. What was initially disgust for his bad habits (chain smoking and heavy drinking) has turned to amusement. I've even had dreams of Mr. Bourdain. Specifically of being his Twitter assistant and twittering away his adventures for him because his... Continue Reading →

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